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I prefer hugs over handshakes, honesty over perfection, and individuality over tradition.

My partner Ian says the only things I need in life are
cuddles, dark chocolate, and Veggies.

Although this is hilariously close to the truth,
there is so much more to me than just those 3 things...


I'm an ally in the fight for equality for all people

 I'm a proud introvert who can act like an extrovert at times.

I am gentle hearted as hell and find deep strength in that.

I'm happy 95% of the time - the other 5% I am likely sunburned.

Being in a partnership with someone has taught me more about myself than ever before.

I'm a healthy food snob, but I still love sweets!

I loathe commercials. Seriously, cable TV, why do you exist anymore?

My dream is to build a extra small home with a big porch on cozy mountain land.

I'm a traveler in spirit, but a homebody at heart.

My mom, dad, and sister are some of my very best friends.

Your Second Shooter



You most likely will end up seeing this guy by my side when we show up at your wedding. Not only is he an incredible second shooter, but he is also my best friend and partner.

>We spend a majority of our time laughing.  He's always making silly jokes and then I'm cracking up way too much over them (example pictured above).

>He is a full time High School Science Teacher during the week, and he is incredible at it! I wish he could live a million lives and be everyones science teacher.

>He is an avid mountain biker and is the one who taught me how to ride. 

>He is the smartest person I know yet is also still amazingly emotionally aware.

>He is a bad texter because he never looks at his phone, and I love that.


Our Adventures


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