If you are reading this review, you are likely considering videographers to document your big day with a wedding film. In all honesty, I don’t write reviews often—I could probably count on one hand all of the reviews that I’ve written in my life—but I genuinely feel compelled to share our fantastic experience with Evergreen Era Films. To be candid, I was very skeptical at the beginning about whether it was a good idea to get a wedding videographer—honestly, because I did not believe that it was possible for anyone to capture the love that Amanda and I have been so fortunate to find in one another. But this skeptic could not have been more wrong—booking Evergreen Era Films for our wedding was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. In my opinion, several factors set Evergreen apart from the rest, including Kathryn’s sincere, genuine nature and ability to put her clients at ease, her prowess and perception in both filming and editing, and her professionalism, work ethic, and commitment to the client experience.

The first thing I noticed that distinguished our videography experience with Evergreen from those that I’ve heard about through friends and reviews is how personable Kathryn is, which makes the entire experience instantly more comfortable. Again, I’ll admit that I was not too ecstatic about the prospect of having one of the most special, intimate, and vulnerable days of our lives documented thoroughly by someone we’d only recently met, but any potential for discomfort vanished immediately during our first Skype call (we live in Charlotte), as Kathryn instantly made us feel completely at ease with her kindness, sense of humor, easygoing nature, and her genuine and sincere desire to get to know us and understand us as a couple. In addition, my wife, as a talented aspiring photographer and videographer in her own right, has verryyy specific preferences for what she envisioned for our films, and our films reflect Kathryn’s fluent understanding of exactly what Amanda was looking for, as well as Kathryn’s keen perception into who Amanda and I are as a couple. Which leads me to my next point.

Secondly, Kathryn’s films of our wedding day absolutely mindbogglingly knocked it out of the park—to say that the result ‘exceeded our expectations’ would be the understatement of the century! Kathryn’s unparalleled thoughtfulness and attention to detail as a videographer, perfectly complemented by her beautiful, intentional, and meaningful editing, resulted in films that captured the feel and emotions of our wedding day perfectly—the laughs, tears, the love, all of it. The same is true of the countless other Evergreen films that we’ve seen—each reflects and embodies what sets Evergreen apart—Kathryn’s ability to put people at ease and desire to get to know and understand her couples means that as a videographer, she is not just physically present and watching a wedding or elopement happen through a camera lens—rather, she is emotionally invested and present, feeling, experiencing, and understanding the dynamics and the most intricate details which could easily and understandably be overlooked in a day full of many big events. Kathryn’s films speak to her perception and ability to capture these intangible, fleeting moments, her wisdom in understanding their significance, and her unique talent to be able seamlessly weave raw footage into a film which not only tells the story, but more importantly, honestly captures and conveys the essence of the day. In my opinion, it is Kathryn’s unique desire and ability to understand her clients each individually, and together as a couple, that makes such beautiful and honest films possible.

Lastly, Amanda and I were struck by Kathryn’s professionalism at all times, before, during, and after our wedding day. In general, wedding planning was way more than I could have even imagined—a veritable flurry (or fury) of proposals, contracts, quotes, questionnaires, forms, phone calls, wedding websites and registries, orders, receipts, etc., but Evergreen makes the process a bit easier by using a client portal, which in my experience, was a convenient and very user-friendly one-stop shop that streamlined everything for our wedding film including contracts, invoices, package details, scheduling, wedding details, etc. Further, throughout the process, Kathryn was a great communicator both virtually and in person, was always timely and well-prepared, and put us at ease through her kind and thoughtful words and generous and genuine actions. In addition, Kathryn was also incredibly efficient and diligent in crafting our films and got each of them to us well before we could have reasonably expected them—particularly in light of the fact that we ordered the sneak peak, the cinematic film, and the well-wishes video, amounting to a great deal of footage no doubt requiring significant editing time. Incredibly, however, as I’ve discussed further above, Kathryn’s efficiency did not come at the expense of quality—the artfulness and attention to detail that she employed in our films is truly incredible. We’ve watched all of them a million times already and can’t wait to watch them a million more—and each time, I notice and appreciate thoughtful and intentional details that I hadn’t seen before.

And that’s the story of how this skeptic was made into a believer. Kathryn is so incredibly and uniquely skilled and dedicated to her craft, and her work is truly a tribute to her talent. We are so grateful that our day was so beautifully, eloquently, and honestly documented—and have nothing but the highest praise, and our strongest endorsement and recommendation, for Kathryn and Evergreen Era Films.
— Amanda + Maddy