IM BAWLING. <3<3<3 We love it. It makes us even more excited to see our full length video for all of the emotion to come!!! I’ve had multiple people say to me it was the most emotional wedding they’ve ever been to and that echoes how deeply connected I felt to Alex and everyone who helped us celebrate our day. It was perfectly imperfect and I can’t imagine how emotional I will be reliving the full length!
— Caitlin + Alex

My films typically end up being longer than promised, and Caitlin and Alex's teaser is no exception. A 1 minute teaser film turned into a 1:40 minute film and I just couldn't help it.
These two are vulnerability at its finest, so much so that even Caitlin mentioned so in their vows...
Putting this together for them was full of hands on heart moments and raw emotional reactions from me that remind me every time why I am so in love with filmmaking based upon real moments with real people.

Cheers to crying, hugging, and opening your heart to love.