Evergreen Era Films Wedding Videography

Most of you out there might think I'm crazy, but it's true. I hate wedding rings.
But the reality is I don't just hate wedding rings. I hate all metal jewelry. I always have. It's some weird quirk that I've never fully understood. Just the thought of metal jewelry touching my skin makes me squirm. I can't stand it.

Thankfully that weird quirk has saved me a lot of money over the years (as well as previous boyfriends) and gives me lots of extra time in the morning to get ready. 

But whenever I tell anyone this about me, they always ask - "What will you do when you get engaged or married?!"
I've come up with some funny answers over the years, like asking for a puppy instead of an engagement ring. I still like this idea a lot by the way... =)
I have also thought about the idea of spending the money on tickets for a trip, a down payment on a tiny home, or new adventure equipment instead.
Who knows! The sky is the limit to what could be done! I have always thought that something different and personal, unique to our relationship would be even more special.

Side note: Ian and I have zero plans on getting married in the near future, if ever really.
We live life very untraditionally and purposefully, taking the waves of life as they come and doing what feels right to who we are.
We have learned to love life this way for the time being - hearts and minds open to our experiences and loving each other as deeply and best we can along the way.

Now, I know that the exchanging of rings in marriage is a deep rooted tradition.
I know that they traditionally represent eternity and they are worn on the 4th finger of the left hand because it was believed the vein in that finger lead directly to the heart.
They are glamorous, and shiny, and expensive and something you only get once in your lifetime.
I get it. Tradition is hard to break.

But I want to take a moment here and question this tradition, like I typically like to do.

Disclaimer: This is not to make anyone feel bad about having a wedding ring or wanting a wedding ring. It is simply to share my personal thoughts and experiences in order to provide encouragement to do something differently for those who might benefit from it. 

My dislike for jewelry in general has forced me to think about the exchanging of rings in a new way. It has forced me to look inside myself and imagine what my heart would want, apart from preconceived traditions or social norms, on my wedding day.

So, maybe this will encourage you to do this same. If you were able to free yourself of all the expectations and listen to your heart, what would mean the most to you personally, intimately, uniquely?

Traditions aren't rules. It's okay to break them!