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Ashlee + Bobby // Mountaintop Sunset Wedding Film


Ashlee + Bobby // Mountaintop Sunset Wedding Film

Just sobbed watching our video with my husband. Pretty appropriate that we’re in Boone for the weekend and watched it while sitting on our cabins front porch with the river rushing by in front of us ❤️ thank you so much for capturing our day so perfectly. It is beyond our wildest dreams. When life gets me down, I think I’ll turn to that video. It’ll remind me how sweet life is and how blessed I am to have a partner who even after 6 years, can still give me butterflies. So thankful our paths crossed Kathryn! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Ashlee + Bobby


Shayn + Walton // Boone NC Elopement Film


Shayn + Walton // Boone NC Elopement Film

I am having a hard time putting into words how absolutely perfect this video is. You captured us and our entirety! It’s so beautiful!!!

I am literally balling like a sissy-la-la at my desk 😆 I couldn’t wait to watch it!!! Thank you guys for seriously being some of the coolest fucking people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was so easy to open up and not feel vulnerable with you guys. My heart is so full, I feel like it might explode!

I can not say thank you enough!

Stupid happy,



Melissa + Josh // Asheville Elopement Film

Thank you once again for everything. The film was just out of this world. I have cried each time I’ve watched it. When I shared the link with my mother, she called me crying. It will forever be something we treasure. Thanks to you, we will be able to relive that day and feel all of the emotions we felt.
— Melissa + Josh

Elopements are where my heart comes alive. They are where I feel the most creative and the most connected to my couples. We are able to have so much time together to celebrate life and love and spending a lifetime with an incredible partner. There is space for all the things a couple wants to feel or needs to experience during that day, which in turn allows me to capture moments and connections I wouldn't otherwise be able to.

We did a styled shoot with Melissa and Josh a while back, and they loved it so much they decided to actually elope in a similar way. Just the two of them, myself, Shannon and Andrew from Fox & Owl Studio, sharing laughs, eating cake, popping champagne, and romping around in the golden woods we love so dearly.

I'll be manifesting my goal for many more elopements like these in 2018


Why Wedding Vendors Should Stop Commenting on the Looks of their couples


Why Wedding Vendors Should Stop Commenting on the Looks of their couples

This is going to be tough for a lot of people to hear...
But it's time for me to share an observation that I think needs to change.

Statements like "Aren't they beautiful?",  "Look how gorgeous", "These two are babes", "They are the freaking cutest", are overwhelmingly common these days in relation to wedding or elopement photos. You know you've seen it, you might have even done it yourself. But here's why I think you should think twice before you combine statements like that - especially with the photos of white, hetero, thin couples.

First things first: I'm a firm believer in the power of language. The words we use and don't use form our cultures and alter our perceptions. I don't believe "free speech" is at stake due to the compassion it requires to use inclusive and connective language rather than destructive and divisive words. The fact that we have politically correct terminology is proof that we are moving forward as a culture to recognize the variance in the human experience and are purposefully sensitive to the weight of that change. Free speech to me does not mean you can say whatever the heck you want and that political correctness is holding us back from saying the "honest" things. That is hate speech.

So now that that's clear - let's talk about beauty.

The media is a mix of visual imagery and words, and therefore could have an even more powerful effect on culture than just words. This is what we are a part of every day as wedding vendors on social media now - we are creating the culture around weddings with our images and our words.

So when we post pictures of white, hetero, thin couples and mainly focus on their looks, all we are doing is perpetuating the long-held and incorrect belief that people who look like that are the most beautiful.

If that's what your clients mainly look like, do you really believe that to be the truth? I doubt you do, and I hope you don't. If you do, I don't know how to reach you quite yet... So mainly, I'm sure it's really nothing you've ever thought of before because that's all you've ever been taught and shown in media. Plus it's easy to just talk about surface level looks when we want to post a picture of something we just created, right? We want to share it with the world and we think it's beautiful, what does it hurt? But I'm asking you to think a bit harder about what your putting out there and it's effect on people.  At this point I'm practically begging it, because the fact that there is only one magazine I know of that makes it a priority to talk about all aspects of the wedding day other than looks AND includes couples of all colors, shapes, sizes, and looks is proof that we are still in a standstill on beauty expectation in the wedding industry.
Shouldn't weddings, a celebration centered around love and connection be inclusive to all people?
(Shoutout to Catalyst Wedding Co. - I'm so thankful for you!)

So, what can you do?
For a start, instead of talking about the visual aspect of a couples wedding, talk about what they said, how they acted, moments that connected with you - literally anything else. I honestly think it would be better to just say nothing at all rather than comment on their looks.
If you want to go further, make diversity in your portfolio a priority.

Our words and our images are powerful - why don't we try and use them as a force for good instead of perpetuating the same self-deprecating and unrealistic standards our consumeristic culture has been pushing for so long now.

Inclusivity, self-love, and connection are well worth it, I promise you.


Some of the Most Breathtaking Places in the World


Some of the Most Breathtaking Places in the World

Need a few more places to put on your bucket list? 

I asked around, and some lovely people shared the most beautiful place they have ever seen.

Lists like these make me realize how lucky we are to be able to travel.
They make me realize how incredible our earth is.
They make me realize how diverse our planet is and the importance of that (reminding me of how equally important human diversity is!).
And they make me realize how much we need to take care of our earth, to keep it healthy and be grateful for all it provides us with.

(This could also be a list of badass places to get married!)

Herman Gulch Trail - Colorado - @evergreenerafilms

Herman Gulch Trail - Colorado - @evergreenerafilms

evergreenerafilms  (us!) - The Herman Gulch Trail (photo above) is one of the most gorgeous hikes I have ever been on. It is a little hidden gem that we found randomly on our drive back from Vail, Colorado and decided to conquer. It isn't easy but the view changes throughout the whole hike, allowing more and more beautiful scenery each step you take. You end at a natural lake high in the mountains, a blue so light its almost white.

The Azure Window, Gozo - @carolynmariephotography

The Azure Window, Gozo - @carolynmariephotography

carolynmariephotography - In the US, definitely Zion National Park. The view from Angels' Landing was indescribable. Completely took my breath away. Outside the US probably the Azure Window on the island of Gozo, just off the coast of Malta. We went snorkeling and I've never seen water such a rich, deep, clear blue. And the sunset was incredible!

Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C. - @evergreenerafilms

Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C. - @evergreenerafilms

_chelsealane_ hiking the coast in Cinque Terre 😮 and hiking all around here! (Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C.)

sambusch3 Definitely Mt. St. Helens. I didn't have a permit to hike the whole thing, but the grounds were breathtaking in the spring!

sewtheland Top of Mt. Whitney! 14,500' !

wildflowerbridal Ngorngoro Crater- it was like the Garden of Eden!

bossybetsy Wharton Beach or Hellfire Bay, Western Australia. HANDS DOWN!

Grand Canyon - photo by @onebluebike

Grand Canyon - photo by @onebluebike

onebluebike Definitely the Grand Canyon!

colleenjm The last big trip my family took was to Canada and I have to say one of the most breathtaking places I have been to was taking a hike up to the Lake Agnes Tea House. I will never forget that adventure!

coppercauldroncheese Redwood National Park in California!

its_rachelreed Machu Picchu! A mountain like no other!

editorkristina The jungles of Panama!


Where to go on Your Next Trip - The Why & How


Where to go on Your Next Trip - The Why & How

Bosa, Sardegna

Bosa, Sardegna

I recently realized how much I love to hear about where people have traveled - why they fell in love with a place and what they learned along the way. I have found that there is so much to learn from other people's adventures that can bring inspiration to our own. Therefore,  I wanted to create a place where people can share their experiences and give tips to others who want to follow in their footsteps.

I have pooled a few lovely people's stories (including my own) for this first blog post in a series. I hope that their tips and personal details bring you both enjoyment, encouragement, and inspiration to travel and experience the world more deeply and appreciatively. And maybe one day you will travel to one or some or all of these same places shared and experience the beauty for yourself.  Enjoy!

(If you have a favorite place you have been and want to share it, email me at and I would love to list it in the next blog!)



After college I went on a Europe trip with a good friend, needing a change of pace and a new adventure. Through a website called Helpx we found host families who housed us and fed us in return for odd jobs that they needed done. Our first location was the Island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy. We stayed with an incredible local couple for 2 weeks and helped them with the olive harvest. We stayed in a home nestled up in the mountains right in the middle of the olive fields with a view of the ocean down below. We spent the mornings laying nets and running our hands down the branches as the olives popped off onto the ground, pouring the masses into crates to eventually be made into olive oil. We spent the afternoons exploring the island mostly by foot, journaling in the sun, and enjoying one another’s company.

Tip: Traveling with the use of websites like helpx and work away are a great way to save money or if you want to travel and don’t have enough money upfront. Your lodging and food is covered and all you really have to pay for is travel expenses and anything extra you want. I suggest looking for host families who need jobs done that are culturally specific, allowing you to have a valuable experience and be enriched in the locations culture instead of doing something all day that you could be doing at home. You spend a good amount of your time doing those jobs so you want it to feel purposeful. Take advantage of being immersed in the culture with a purpose instead of being a tourist just wandering around. You will see things, learn new knowledge, and meet people you probably wouldn’t have otherwise.
— Kathryn (me), owner of Evergreen Era Films


I used to live in Honolulu, Hawai’i and it is still my favorite place to visit. The weather is perfect all year round, they have amazing happy hours (we’re talking half off food & drinks), and there is so much to do for free -hiking, snorkeling, camping on the beach, pretending to be a surfer.

Tips: The only bad things about Hawaii is the flight there! Flying from the east coast is the absolute worst. Sometimes 12 hours, longer depending on your layovers. Download hours of podcasts and bring snacks.

Go to the North Shore. Waikiki is crowded shops, tourists and traffic. It’s amazing to me that people can go to Hawai’i and only see that small part. Rent a car and drive to the other side of the island (it’s only 1 hour). The drive alone to the North Shore is stunning. Once you’re there, you’ll find shrimp trucks, fruit stands, and the kind of place you’ve only seen on postcards.

Make sure you know what island you are going. This sounds funny but if you’ve never been to Hawai’i, it’s easy to get confused since Hawai’i is actually a chain of 8 different islands. When you plan your trip, make sure the hikes and waterfalls you want to see are on the same island you are visiting.
— Christina, Founder of Asheville Folk

instagram: christinaforet

New Zealand

I spent a week in Auckland and went to Waiheke Island by ferry for a day trip. I went to New Zealand once I completed my thesis. The island seemed like a cool spot to explore a secluded area of NZ and drink lots of good wine. My favorite part of the trip were the views of the other islands and the city skyline. The landscape is lush and there are tons of wineries and local stores that make it so charming.

Tip: To make the trip easier, I’d totally recommend renting a scooter to explore. But, if you plan on drinking, the island is totally walkable and I’m so glad we did it that way. There are tons of natural and historic features to admire on foot.
— Farrah

instagram: farrah.bui


I spent only one day on Capri, but it was magical - the island is two conjoined mounds rising out of the clear blue sea. It was late February, and rocky lanes were studded with the gold of flowering roses and broom. The best bit was staggering up a rocky set of stairs to reach the Villa San Michele, where you can sit beneath a pergola laden down with lemons and stare out across the sea.

Tip: Go in the off-season, such as late winter when things will be cheaper and the island is less crowded.
— Caleb


Colin and I added Slovenia to our itinerary on a whim fed by a single Buzzfeed article I read, while I should have been sleeping. We had our flight booked to fly in and out of Zagreb, Croatia and began looking at surrounding cities we could drive to. Driving a rental car between different countries is permitted depending on where you start. We thought we had all of the necessary permits to drive to Hungary, Slovenia, then back into Croatia... But we were wrong. Slovenia requires you to purchase an additional permit that can be obtained at most gas stations. We were pulled over on the highway in Slovenia after a routine toll booth stop. Colin was taken into a police van parked behind our rented Fiat and I sat in the car wishing I had signed up for data service on my phone so I could start looking up international lawyers. Would his jail cell have a view of the Alps? Thankfully, this was not to be our episode of Locked Up Abroad. Colin was released with a 120 euro fine and we stopped at the next gas station to buy the permit.
We drove into the capital city of Ljubljana and stayed in the apartment of a local artist.

Tip: We used Airbnb, which has the best selection of apartments that are much more affordable than hotels and in a better location. Try to stay as close to the city center as possible. Be clear about how you want to get the keys...we thought we might be sleeping in the car at one point.

We took a free walking tour the next morning, definitely worth learning about this city and relatively new country.
The next day we ventured to Lake Bled, toured the castle, which has the best views of the Alps, and then drove up to Lake Bohinj. Buses to both locations are available. But the freedom of the car to drive between these two lakes allowed us to follow signs to a waterfall, Sava Bohinjka. This was truly a fairy forest and I didn’t want to leave.
We had one more day to revisit our favorite spots and left the next morning for Rovinj, Croatia.

In a nutshell: use Airbnb, stay near the city center, and do not miss Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj.
— Jeannine

instagram: jeanninemarie1


I was in Nepal for a month. I was there on an adventure/vacation and chose Nepal because I’ve always been completely fascinated/obsessed with the mountains and culture. My favorite part was a non-guided hiking trip to Everest Base Camp (like backpacking but you stay in tea houses with bunks, food, and tea). The Himalayas are simply magical.
Tip: To make the trip easier, I suggest talking with the locals as much as possible. Ask for suggestions and help. Nepalese people are so friendly and want to show you their country. Have just enough of a plan to be comfortable, but flexible enough in your itinerary to make changes when a great suggestion comes along.
— Nikki, Flourish Flower Farm Owner

Cinque Terre

Traveling, as an artist, is my main source of inspiration. Being immersed in another culture, language and surroundings is the most pure form of creative awakening. Being contained to a studio and painting day in an day out is the quickest road to exhaustion.

This past May, my fiancé and our planned our annual adventure overseas. We hopped from Prague, Amsterdam and Italy. Having been to Italy before, I purposely placed the Cinque Terre back on our list. Each time I resist this magical place, It is a greater experience than before.

Located on the rugged Italian Coastline, the Cinque Terre consists of five beautiful villages. Each village is built carefully into the steep mountainside, leaving you with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, incredible hiking trails, and car-less, intimate streets. No matter which village you choose to stay, the railroad makes all villages easily accessible. Each village is magical in its own way— and each time you step off of that train— you’re suddenly embracing another world. Colorful, vibrant buildings, narrow alleyways wrapping the coast, incredible food and wine— nothing short of extraordinary.

Tip: When traveling here, it’s important to do your research on the type of stay you are looking to experience. Between the five villages are hiking trails— connecting all cities and granting you with some of the most spectacular views of a lifetime. Because our three week trip was limited to a carry on, we were unable to pack hiking gear to complete all of the trails. However, our hiking experience from the village of Monterosso to Vernazza was one of the most humbling, awe-inspiring tasks I have ever completed. Views through out the journey are enough to move you to tears. Here you proudly stand, breathing in sights from the top of the world..

Our oceanside hotel in the village of Monterosso was quaint and equipped with a seaside view. Each morning, we would order espresso at the oceanfront cafes and walk the shoreline. Sketching and journaling in such an environment has the ability to move you deeply. The emerald Mediterranean waves sparkling in the sun, colorful pebbles under your feet— the distant glow of the next village towards the western horizon. The Cinque Terre continuously impacts my spiritual and artistic journey each time I return..
— Samantha, owner of Srueterart

instagram: sruetercreates



How I Became a Filmmaker

Photo by Rachel McIntosh Photography - My partner Ian and I before a wedding

Photo by Rachel McIntosh Photography - My partner Ian and I before a wedding

I started my career as a photographer.

If I'm totally honest with myself, I think my interest in photography occurred because I always wanted to be an artist but never thought I had enough skill and vision to physically create something brand new with my hands. I'm not a terrible painter or a horrible drawer, I'm decent, but I am also very impatient. I never wanted to work on something for more than a few hours in order to see the final product. This lead me to find ways where I could experiment with light, color, composition, and balance and receive more immediate gratification. (Funny thought, now that I create videos and the final product takes days, weeks, or months to complete.)

Photography wasn't as popular of a career when I was growing up, as it is now. Therefore when I went to college I didn't really think I could focus on it as my major. I fought my heart and followed my mind for a while. I dappled in Graphic Design, and then Psychology. I even went so far as to try and do a double major in Psychology and Photography because I still didn't know if I could make a living through photography. Eventually I realized that I was being silly, I couldn't take over 20 hours of classes a semester and still enjoy life, so in a roundabout way I declared myself as a Technical Photography major at Appalachian State University.

After graduation I moved back in with my parents. Thankfully my parents are some of my best friends and moving back home was easy and comfortable. It wasn't the most fulfilling experience, feeling as if I was taking steps backwards instead of forwards, but I continued to remind myself of the gift it was. I was able to live cheaper, travel with a friend in Europe for a while, and explore what my next step in life would be without the stresses of life weighing down on me. And I lived in a beautiful place while being surrounded by people who love and support me.

Eventually, my career as an entrepreneur began under the simple name of Kathryn Ray Photography. I wasn't quite sure what I felt passionate about the most yet, but I knew I just had to start somewhere. I explored all different types of photography options, some enjoyable and some not so much: senior portraits, real estate, weddings, editorial, and families. In the meantime I started to indulge my interest in video. I had never gotten the chance to take any classes in our degree program but I still wanted to learn, so I decided to teach myself. I started creating little mini films of nature and people in my life. I would stay up for hours late at night, sitting in bed with my laptop atop the comforter, editing and exploring in my personal video projects.

I loved it. I got to choose the music that set the mood. I was able to capture movement and tell more of a story. I was able to add sound effects and choose where each clip belonged and match scene changes with beats in the song. I was my own movie team and it felt exciting. I knew I had found something I was not only capable of doing, but wanted to do for people.

Thankfully a friend allowed me to film her wedding very last minute and even paid me enough to cover my expenses plus some. I am forever grateful. Her kindness and belief in me in that one moment has brought me to this point in my life doing a job that I love and serving lovely people.

As time went by and I began to do more films under Kathryn Ray Photography as well as photography, I knew it just didn't make sense. I wanted to do mainly wedding films, but my name didn't reflect that. I also was working at an Elementary School at the time in order to pay the bills while my business grew, but I found that I was drained and exhausted every day after work. My introverted, highly-sensitive nature didn't have what it took to work 2 full time jobs. Especially not one interacting with hundreds of children. I had to make a big and scary decision.

At the end of that school year, I decided I wasn't going to return. I chose against a steady income with benefits and a retirement account to instead have an unsure inconsistent future doing something I enjoyed, and I'm so glad I did. I spent that summer planning, rebranding, and not long after Evergreen Era Films was created!

It hasn't been easy. Starting a business is confusing and it takes a lot of work to figure out what steps to take. You have to be very proactive and do a lot of research. There are also many days of doubt and insecurity as a creative and a slowly growing business owner. There have been many days I just flat out ask myself "Am I going to make this work?", but I just continue to do whatever I can to learn and grow and serve people the best that I can.

Then there are those days that feel great and encouraging and exciting. Days when I've sent off a film for a couple and receive back a kind and warm message about how much they love it. Days where my creative friends tell me how much they admire what I have done and see the beauty in what I do. Days when I realized I set my own schedule and can work hard as well as give myself grace and rest when I need it. These are the days I work for.

I believe that my background in photography plays a big role in the work I create now. I came in with a trained eye for balance, frame, composition, and color. I didn't come in to this industry knowing just the technical details. I didn't come in to this with tons of fancy gear and a focus on what kinds of "perfect" shots I can get.  I came in to this by choice because of how much I love the stories that can be told through video and how interactive it can be. I came in to this knowing that I want to tell peoples stories in the most honest way possible and it's not about the gear that I use but the feel and the moments I capture.

How thankful I am that I allowed myself the time and the honesty and the trust to follow what what I wanted for myself. How thankful I am for all the people who have believed in me and supported me, whether it is by kind words, monetary compensation (I'm talking to you wonderful parents), assisting me and encouraging my dreams (yes you, Ian Selig), or hiring me as your videographer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You have changed my world.