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Why I offer RAW footage to my couples


Why I offer RAW footage to my couples

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What is RAW footage?

RAW footage is all of the unedited video files, straight from the camera. It does not include any post production work like color grading, stabilization, slow motion, etc.

So here's the thing - I started out my career as a photographer. And as a photographer, providing the unedited photos to your clients would be the silliest thing. It would, in theory, be a "worse" version of the final image. Pointless right?
When I began shooting video I took this idea with me. My first year in business I didn't offer RAW footage at all and I also couldn't understand why any other videographers would give away the unedited footage they took. I truly thought that as a creative, we should only provide our best work to our clients. Therefore the unedited footage is just the first step of the process - why would I ever give someone that?

But, with time and experience comes new knowledge, and for this I am very thankful.

Throughout that first year of business I started to notice that I continually had some footage that didn't quite fit in the stylized short films I created for my couples. They wouldn't fit for many reasons including things like the clips being too long, not fitting with the flow of emotions I was creating, or simply not having enough time to include them in amidst everything else.

I began to realize that these moments are things that a couple might really enjoy having to remember their day by. Even though they aren't perfect, when it comes down to it, they are their memories, plain and simple. I set my ego aside as a creative and decided that this was a service I could provide to better care for my couples and to more fully preserve their wedding day experience. Plus I still get to create the beautiful, flowing, emotional films that I'm proud of. In my opinion it was a win-win choice.


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Here's a response I got from one of our brides:

I wanted to holla out and let you know that we went through our raw footage drive yesterday and are so grateful we have a copy of these clips! They are all like little home movies of our day, and they go so much farther beyond the cinematic film + all of our photos to really give a peek into the vibe we were in on our day. Thank you once again for sharing your gift with us, and for giving us this immortalized look at the happiest day of our lives to cherish and re-live forever <3
— Kat