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4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique // Asheville Wedding Videography

1.  Read one another's vows at the ceremony

 Instead of reading your own vows, try something new and read one another's instead. Your reactions will be even more surprising and exciting when you're saying the words your loved one has written out loud rather than reading your own. You also won't have to stand there and cry like a baby while trying to read what you have written (always a tough thing to do).

2. Wear whatever outfit you feel gorgeous in

Guess what!?! You don't have to wear white! The people you invited to your wedding aren't going to sit there and wonder if you're a virgin or not, and if they are, poo on them. Thats your personal life anyways. Times have changed, standards have changed, and we are more free to be open about who we are and the realities of life now, so let's celebrate that! Wear whatever the heck makes you feel beautiful and comfortable and absolutely yourself! This will make your wedding day even more enjoyable, AND you don't have to spend tons of money this way either. As soon as a dress is white and labeled for weddings, the price seems to rise!


3. Get ready together 

If you are having a small and intimate wedding or eloping, spend your morning getting ready together. I know, I'm breaking all tradition here, and I love it. Getting ready together is something personal and intimate that most couples get to do every morning. So instead of spending half of your wedding day separate, spend the entire day together! Take each breath together on that lovely day and enjoy every single moment hand in hand. 


4. Do something personal during your first look

If you are having a larger wedding with multiple guests, there might be some things you don't want to say in front of them, and there are also things about your relationship they might not understand. Therefore, why not write each other personal vows to share while you are alone before the wedding? This gives you the intimate space to be with one another and say all the things you want to without any judgement or worry. If this seems too serious for you and your partner, you can do something fun and personal: Play a game, go for a walk, exchange gifts, dance to your favorite song, or eat your favorite candy bars! Take some time to be together and enjoy!