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8 Tips for Outdoor Adventure Elopements


8 Tips for Outdoor Adventure Elopements

Being a hiker, mountain biker, backpacker, and all things mother nature lovin’, outdoor elopements are my soft spot.

With some experience, I have put together some little tips for any of you couples out there planning to elope or have an intimate wedding outside with a handful of friends and family.

  1. Find a more intimate location

    If you want the ceremony to feel intimate and personal, try and find a location that isn’t very popular. There’s a handful of places that are really well known and have become crowded with photo sessions, engagements, and elopements. This is true all over the country for lots of different natural spaces.

    If you want to be more likely to have the space to yourself, choose a spot that isn’t well known and requires some effort to get to. If you are having family members attend I know this can be difficult, but if it’s just the two of you and you’re willing to hike a bit, I think it is 100% worth it.

    If you are unable to do the exploring yourselves, find a videographer or photographer who know the land and are willing to scout locations for you.

    You could also find and book a vacation rental that will allow you to use the land for your elopement. I’ve had multiple couples choose this options so that they know their day will be private.

  2. Wear proper clothing

    Wear comfortable shoes and pack warm layers (if needed) that you don’t mind being in the video/photos. Also make sure your clothing is something you feel comfortable hiking in. Comfort is key for a fully enjoyable experience, at least it is for me!

  3. Enjoy the journey to your final ceremony destination

    Making a trip out of your elopement? Plan a few stops along the way to really make the most out of your time together. Your elopement experience doesn’t just have to be the day you are married and have cameras around. Enjoy the entire trip and make the most of it!

    I’ve had a couple travel up from Florida and stay at 3 different spots along the way, doing different fun activities before they even got to NC for their actual ceremony.

  4. Plan for a time that isn’t as busy
    In public locations sunset is way more popular than sunrise. Weekends are way more popular than week days. Certain seasons are busier than others depending on where you are. If you want to use a popular spot, try planning your elopement at a time when it usually isn’t as busy. It is a lot less likely that very many people will be there before dawn, because most of us like to stay in bed and catch as many z’s as we can get! Plus, how often do you see the sunrise together? Also, you’re eloping, so take advantage of week days where more people are working and less are out in the woods. You don’t have to worry about anyone else attending and having weekends off.

  5. Research the rules and regulations of your location
    Many outdoor locations have rules and regulations on what is allowed for weddings. Be sure to do your research on what is and isn’t ok. You might need a permit, might not be allowed to have live flowers, and might have to avoid a few locations when planning your perfect spot.

    Respecting those natural spaces are important.

  6. Hire a videographer and/or photographer whose personalities you love just as much as their work

    If you are eloping in a small group, the people you surround yourself with are that much more important. They should feel like comforting friends to you because you are going to be spending your elopement day with them directly. Make sure you’re investing in people that you enjoy.

  7. Embrace the weather

    It could rain, it could snow, it could be hella windy. Who knows what the weather will really do, so if you plan to get married outdoors, just let the weather be whatever it will be and enjoy it. There is no controlling it and no point worrying about it. Plus your video/photos will turn out even more unique with imperfect weather circumstances.

    A handful of my couples have just gotten drenched in the middle of a rainstorm and have left their day happier than ever because we rarely dance in and enjoy the rain. It helps the day feel more special and magical. It brings you to the present moment.

  8. Take time to enjoy the view

    Plan some time to just sit and be in the place you decided to elope. There’s a reason you chose it, and it is most likely because it is beautiful and inspirational to you. Don’t just go there, do the thing, and leave. Just plan some time with everyone to just sit and not do anything other than enjoy the moment. No video-ing, not photos, just be.

    Extra Tip: If you are hiring a videographer and they are recording any audio, be aware of the sounds in the locations you choose. Waterfalls, lots of hikers, road noise, etc. can all add unwanted background noise to your audio. Make sure to talk to your videographer about this to plan the perfect location for clean audio.