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Some of the Best Shows on Netflix to Find Inspiration

Some of the Best Shows on Netflix to Find Inspiration

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Even though we frequently talk about watching TV, and now-a-days, Netflix, as being a waste of time, I have found a wonderful use for it. There is a world full of knowledge and inspiration exists at our fingertips through the internet, videography, and technology. I believe you just have to be looking for the right things.

Therefore, I decided to share with you a few of my favorite shows (& 1 movie) that I find uplifting, interesting, and purposeful. They will make you want to follow your dreams, dive deeper into learning about the world around us, and most likely travel the world while eating good food. Give them a try and let me know what you think! Then we can geek out on food and film together. =)

1. Chef's Table

I'm currently on the French season and am lulled into their stories by their lovely accents, as well as the cinematography and the story lines of each episode. I'm a bit of a story lover, and I always find it interesting how people's lives play out to end up living a dream: The hardships they go through, the life changes, the things they give up to live out the purpose they want to experience. It's quite enthralling, and especially if you're a foodie. I could talk about it forever.

2. Human Planet

Oh my I am obsessed with  Human Planet. You might have heard of Planet Earth before, therefore this is another series quite similar yet focused on the only species who has carved out a place for themselves in all environments - Humans. Everyone should watch this simply for the education and appreciation it provides you with. Not to mention the incredible cinematography as well!

3. Cooked

This 4 episode series based off of a book is something not to miss. You learn about the aspects behind how/why humans cook their food relating to each of the elements. The narrator/author is likeable, open, knowledgable, and again there is beautiful cinematography. Can you catch a theme here?

4. Cosmos

Switching it up a bit here with the concept of space and time and the universe. Cosmos will absolutely make your brain hurt (at least it does for me...), but it is incredibly awe inspiring. Hopefully you like Neil Degrasse Tyson because you will see a lot of him, but the effects they use pull you in to the information and make it at least a bit more understandable. I believe knowing about the universe is important to understanding ourselves even better, so it's worth a watch!

5. Hector and the Search for Happiness

This is a quirky and silly movie, yet relatable for all of us. I believe it tackles the human wide search for happiness with great beauty and honesty.