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Appreciating the Outdoors // Asheville Outdoor Wedding Videography

Upon starting Evergreen Era Films, one of my main goals has been to share more of me with more of you; to not only capture and share other people's stories but to be open and welcoming and share my very own story as well.

I know this will be difficult for me. I'm not a very talkative person. I spend most of my conversations asking people questions and enjoying listening than talking about myself. I frequently don't share something personal unless specifically asked. It isn't comfortable at first, it's hard, and vulnerable, but I have learned there is such beauty in being vulnerable. Those are the moments where people make strong connections, where they relate and provide support and encouragement. So here I am, stepping out on a limb and doing exactly what I'm always asking my clients to do; being open, honest and vulnerable for whomever is listening...

To start out, I hope to begin sharing things that motivate me, inspire me, challenge me, and make me smile. I have almost stopped enjoying social media these days, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. So much unregulated opinion. So much negativity. So much disconnect. I have felt in need of something fulfilling and uplifting, so I decided to create it myself.

On this blog I want to share things that will educate, encourage, and inspire you (as they did for me) each week.

To start out, in honor of the beautiful trees that inspired this very business, I encourage you to listen to this incredibly intriguing podcast by the talented Radiolab. Take some time today during break, this afternoon during your walk, or during your morning coffee and have a listen.

There is a whole world underneath your feet that has recently been discovered.