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Ashley + Charles // Greenville Wedding Videography


Ashley + Charles // Greenville Wedding Videography


We just watched this together and are so freaking excited!!! That was so AMAZING Kathryn! So good!!! Even that trailer really captured everything that we loved about that day! We both just started crying again and I got goosebumps!

I’m so happy that we had two wonderful humans capturing our day for us. So glad we got to meet beforehand and we would love love love to hang out with you all again soon! We seem to have so much in common. I was so happy when I looked over and you all were getting to enjoy our dance party just as much as us!

AHHHH thank you so much again!!! You got it to us so fast!!
— Ashley + Charles

Photographers: Brett & Jessica Photography
Venues: Art Bomb Studios, Kilgore-Lewis House, & Huguenot Mill in Greenville S.C.
Planner: Lucky Penny Creative




Why Does Wedding Videography "Cost So Much"?


Why Does Wedding Videography "Cost So Much"?

I always think educating community and clients about the wedding industry is very important. I totally understand of the general idea that wedding photography and videography is "pricey". It doesn't seem cheap for a one time service, but when you break it all down it makes more sense. Therefore, I want to help spread the knowledge of why it costs what it does.


Here's the first thing to consider:

Weddings are a choice and a privilege- everyone doesn't have the right to have a wedding. What we all have a right to is to get married. They are two different things.

Everyone has a right to go to the courthouse and exchange vows with their partner, legally sign papers, and be announced "married" without any fancy bells and whistles. No big buffet of food, no bringing all your family into town, and no having a big dance party. All of these things are what make a wedding so expensive because it is a lot of work to put together a party (especially when no one is buying tickets to attend to offset costs like other big events require). 

This is why having a wedding celebration is a privilege. If someone wants a wedding to celebrate their marriage, they are choosing to pay the money it costs to receive each service desired, and each service is a lot of work for all those involved. 

(Note: Having a small elopement is a great option to celebrate with close family/friends and save on money!)


So, if you decide to have a wedding and you want to capture it, when you hire us as your videographer, this is what you're investing in...

1- A college degree to learn the technical, artistic, and business skills in order to be able to provide you with an honest, beautiful, representation of your wedding day (.

2 - Professional camera gear to capture those moments with high quality.
Heres a quick list: professional canon cameras, multiple lenses, lots of lithium batteries, multiple tripods, multiple recording microphones, Mac computer, editing software, website hosting, USB's, hard drives for storage, and so on...

3 - Time spent connecting with you before the wedding and making sure everything is squared away and ready to go through email/video chatting/meetings

4 - The time working at the wedding, where our full attention is focused on the events and making sure everything goes smoothly. This equates to many hours on our feet holding and maneuvering heavy equipment.

5 - A music license for the song(s) used in each film - including the time to search for and pick the right one

6 - Editing the entire film to create a seamless storyline that includes music, footage, and audio all tied together (This process takes much much longer than editing wedding photos - I know because I've done both.)

7 - Choosing the boxes and USB's that your films go on, ordering them, and mailing them to your door.


SO, let's do some math here...

If it takes all that work for just 1 wedding
therefore I can film about an average of 15 weddings a year.
In order to make a living wage at the end of the year, each wedding has to cost at least $2000 in order to make $30,000 before taxes (which isn't a lot to live off of in our culture).

So when you see prices rise above the $2000 range for your photographer or videographer, you can rest easy knowing that they are working hard to make a decent living and not ripping you off.


Hope that helps!

And when it comes down to it...

Celebrate your marriage in a way that makes the most sense to you and your partner. A way that you will remember with joy and gratefulness.


Still Not Convinced You Should Have a Videographer?


Still Not Convinced You Should Have a Videographer?

Need some convincing that you should hire a videographer for your wedding or elopement? I'll let these articles speak for themselves!

Is Wedding Video A Must or a Maybe?

"You may be thinking wedding photos and a video are overkill, but trust us, you will want both. Don't just take our word for it -- listen to feedback from these Knotties..."

9 Things Brides Wish They Had Done Differently

"I’d hire a videographer"

"Having endured too many viewings of hours-long wedding videos, Christine Fennessy didn’t once consider hiring a videographer to capture her lakeside nuptials. But a year later, she confesses, she’d love to be able to hit play and revisit the day she was married on the shores of Owasco Lake in Auburn, NY. “I never thought I would say that, but I know I would cry every time I watched it.”

Christine’s not alone in this regard — it was the most repeated “regret” among brides we interviewed. Michelle Engvall, owner of Married + More, A Wedding Planning Boutique in Seattle, says having a videographer “is money well spent, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.” She suggests looking for a professional who offers a “highlights” video package. “These are typically 5 to 10 minutes long, and tell the story of the day from start to finish in a condensed version.”"

98 Percent of Brides Regret This Choice After Their Weddings

"Like most brides, I looked forward to my wedding for 4 reasons:

  1. I was marrying a man better than I ever could have dreamed for myself
  2. The Big Day was a creative outlet for my DIY dreams
  3. Friends and Family were coming together from all across the country
  4. Biggest. Party. Ever.

After the wedding, here is what I had to show for it:

  • Gorgeous photos
  • A preserved wedding gown
  • Stories from friends and family about it being the best party, not just wedding, they had ever attended

Cue the regret. Like most brides, I budgeted for photos, but not wedding video. Like 98 percent of brides who make that decision, I regretted not getting a wedding video."

Why 98 Percent of Brides Say You Should Definitely Get a Videographer (I Didn't, and Now I Regret It)

"When we were in the midst of wedding planning, we agreed pretty wholeheartedly on just about waffles being a "go," of course, and videography a "no." I don't know, filming everything seemed kind of unnecessary at the time, I think.
But then, last night, I was watching some video from my cousin's wedding in—oh my gosh, 1995, I think?—and the funniest thing happened: I suddenly had videography regret! There, on my cousin's video, were loved relatives who have since passed away—it was amazing to see them again, looking so happy and celebratory. And my little cousins when they were still just tiny, dancing and singing."

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

"One of the most underrated and underused vendor is the videographer. You'll hear brides raving about their florist, their planner and of course they want an amazing photographer, but a videographer is always seen as an added expense. Trust me, you may see it as an unnecessary expense, but here are a few reasons why that expense is worth every penny..."