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Some of the Most Breathtaking Places in the World


Some of the Most Breathtaking Places in the World

Need a few more places to put on your bucket list? 

I asked around, and some lovely people shared the most beautiful place they have ever seen.

Lists like these make me realize how lucky we are to be able to travel.
They make me realize how incredible our earth is.
They make me realize how diverse our planet is and the importance of that (reminding me of how equally important human diversity is!).
And they make me realize how much we need to take care of our earth, to keep it healthy and be grateful for all it provides us with.

(This could also be a list of badass places to get married!)

Herman Gulch Trail - Colorado - @evergreenerafilms

Herman Gulch Trail - Colorado - @evergreenerafilms

evergreenerafilms  (us!) - The Herman Gulch Trail (photo above) is one of the most gorgeous hikes I have ever been on. It is a little hidden gem that we found randomly on our drive back from Vail, Colorado and decided to conquer. It isn't easy but the view changes throughout the whole hike, allowing more and more beautiful scenery each step you take. You end at a natural lake high in the mountains, a blue so light its almost white.

The Azure Window, Gozo - @carolynmariephotography

The Azure Window, Gozo - @carolynmariephotography

carolynmariephotography - In the US, definitely Zion National Park. The view from Angels' Landing was indescribable. Completely took my breath away. Outside the US probably the Azure Window on the island of Gozo, just off the coast of Malta. We went snorkeling and I've never seen water such a rich, deep, clear blue. And the sunset was incredible!

Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C. - @evergreenerafilms

Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C. - @evergreenerafilms

_chelsealane_ hiking the coast in Cinque Terre 😮 and hiking all around here! (Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C.)

sambusch3 Definitely Mt. St. Helens. I didn't have a permit to hike the whole thing, but the grounds were breathtaking in the spring!

sewtheland Top of Mt. Whitney! 14,500' !

wildflowerbridal Ngorngoro Crater- it was like the Garden of Eden!

bossybetsy Wharton Beach or Hellfire Bay, Western Australia. HANDS DOWN!

Grand Canyon - photo by @onebluebike

Grand Canyon - photo by @onebluebike

onebluebike Definitely the Grand Canyon!

colleenjm The last big trip my family took was to Canada and I have to say one of the most breathtaking places I have been to was taking a hike up to the Lake Agnes Tea House. I will never forget that adventure!

coppercauldroncheese Redwood National Park in California!

its_rachelreed Machu Picchu! A mountain like no other!

editorkristina The jungles of Panama!


5 Great Apps to Help Your Inner Explorer Thrive


5 Great Apps to Help Your Inner Explorer Thrive

Evergreen Era Films - Colorado Trip


1. All Trails

Planning an outdoor day and don't know where to go yet? Use All Trails to look for hiking, running, and biking trails in your area! This way you can narrow down your search and

2. Strava

This app helps you keep track of your adventures with GPS, distance, times, and ratings on how quickly you did things compared to others. It helps you to see your growth if you are trying to reach a goal and add a little friendly competition. But, you can just use it as a way to keep a record of your activity for safe keeping.

3. Ramblr

This app is used as a way to journal any outdoor activity along the way. You can also plan a future trip or track a past trip if you forgot to journal it previously. It tracks your route and you can upload photos, videos, notes, etc. with geotagged locations.

4. Leafsnap

I think adventuring outside is even more purposeful and connected when you know what you are seeing. This app helps you to identify the plants around you just by taking a picture of it. It doesn't have every area in the system yet but it will continue to grow with time.

5. Starwalk

Up for a little night hiking? This app enables you to be able to see the constellations by putting your phone up to the starry night sky. It will even show you the stars in the daytime! Astronomy and your universe is mind blowing and powerful, so the more we can learn about and connect with it, the better!


Appreciating the Outdoors // Asheville Outdoor Wedding Videography

Upon starting Evergreen Era Films, one of my main goals has been to share more of me with more of you; to not only capture and share other people's stories but to be open and welcoming and share my very own story as well.

I know this will be difficult for me. I'm not a very talkative person. I spend most of my conversations asking people questions and enjoying listening than talking about myself. I frequently don't share something personal unless specifically asked. It isn't comfortable at first, it's hard, and vulnerable, but I have learned there is such beauty in being vulnerable. Those are the moments where people make strong connections, where they relate and provide support and encouragement. So here I am, stepping out on a limb and doing exactly what I'm always asking my clients to do; being open, honest and vulnerable for whomever is listening...

To start out, I hope to begin sharing things that motivate me, inspire me, challenge me, and make me smile. I have almost stopped enjoying social media these days, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. So much unregulated opinion. So much negativity. So much disconnect. I have felt in need of something fulfilling and uplifting, so I decided to create it myself.

On this blog I want to share things that will educate, encourage, and inspire you (as they did for me) each week.

To start out, in honor of the beautiful trees that inspired this very business, I encourage you to listen to this incredibly intriguing podcast by the talented Radiolab. Take some time today during break, this afternoon during your walk, or during your morning coffee and have a listen.

There is a whole world underneath your feet that has recently been discovered.

Asheville Wedding Videography // Discount and Giveaway!

Welcome to Evergreen Era Films!

This small business of mine was created from my heart and soul.
It represents who I am and what I believe in. It is all things natural, wild, and free. It is all things peaceful, joyful, and open-hearted.

I hope you find comfort, goodness, encouragement, and inspiration here as you follow along on our creative journey.

In celebration of our grand opening,
we are giving away a DISCOUNT to 3 future Evergreen Era Couples!

The 1st couple to book will receive 20% off their package choice.

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What about the single ladies (and gents)? 
What about those couples not getting married any time soon?
What if you're already married?!

Not to worry! I didn't forget about you!

Just share the website on your Facebook page and post your favorite outdoor place to go on an adventure in the comments below. 

When you do, you will be entered to win a $30 gift card to Diamond Brand, an outdoor gear/apparel store local to Asheville, N.C.