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My top 5 Storytelling Podcasts


My top 5 Storytelling Podcasts

NPR Storycorps

Listen to this if you want to cry... but usually in an uplifting way!
Storycorps is the largest audio compilation in the Library of Congress, recording stories from people all over the United States.

What I love most about it: How incredible the act of interviewing someone can be for a relationship.


Invisibilia is co-hosted by 3 women who interview and explore ideas and concepts that we can't see. Things that are intangible.
What I love most about it: They explore things from many different angles AND they are topics I haven't fully heard about before.

TED Radiohour

Most of you have probably heard of TED talks. This podcast is a compilation of different speakers presentations blended with further interview conversations on their topic. They usually interview 3 different people who are all relating to a central topic.

What I love most about it: The fact that they dig deeper into the topics that are spoken on the TED stage to give you more background and information than just watching the video.


This podcast is one of my absolute favorites. Even though they don't focus on any topic in particular, they explore interesting ideas with open minds and a sense of true discovery.

What I love most about it: The sound effects they use throughout the podcast are like any other - they make it an experience and immerse you into the story in a beautiful and intriguing way!

Modern Love

Another NPR Podcast, Modern Love is a beautiful mix of storytelling, theatre, and writing. Actors present essays written about love that were submitted to the NY Times, representing real people who live among us.

What I love most about it: It provides a larger perspective of what love is like - what it can do, what it  means, and what it looks like.