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Thoughts on Self Worth // Evergreen Era Films

Thoughts on Self Worth // Evergreen Era Films

Why talk about this on a wedding film blog? What does this have to do with what I do?

I share this here because it is something we all struggle with. It is relatable, it is powerful, and it is important that we continually recognize the effect it has.

The wedding industry these days frequently encourages our society's standards of beauty that are "unreachable". It has become a fashion models world when it belongs to us all. It has become a place to sell people a dream wedding in hopes that they look like those pretty white faces in the picture. It is continually spreading the message that what we look like is what's important, even on the most intimate, personal, and joyful days of our lives.


So take 15 minutes today and do this for your self. Take some time to think about what this means for you. And if you have any thought, share them with me! 

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