This film was created to market for The Bloom! Workshop put on by Nicole Annette of Journal Junky. She used it on Facebook and Instagram to give people a better idea of what the workshop experience would be like and would therefore have a stronger interest in attending!

1) People are more drawn to video than text

      Think about yourself here. When you are scrolling through Facebook, what are you most drawn to? I bet most of you can honestly say either pictures or video
Videos grab attention in a way that text just doesn't. We are drawn to visual stimulation because we can immediately relate to it. It becomes a part of our world without having to read and decipher a written message. Attention spans are shorter than they used to be for younger generations (unfortunately), but it is one of those facts of life that we must use to our advantage as we move forward. The positive of this phenomenon is that it encourages us to discover new ways of getting our point across and interacting with our world. Therefore, video can connect you with your clients more easily in this technological age.

2) Visually represent your story to clients no matter where they live

      If you have a website to sell your products or services, this is most likely one of the first interactions your clients will have with you, especially if they aren't local to you. Therefore, you want that interaction to inspire them and allow them to relate to your product as well as who you are as the creator. Having a summary film of either your business or who you are is a powerful tool to connect with people on a human "face to face" level even if you aren't in person.

3) Create a more interactive webpage & social media presence

  As simple as it may seem, using all different types of media will make your website more dynamic and interesting. Utilizing photos, text, and video will give your viewer more chances to learn about you and your product while experiencing it differently each time. This allows them to move through your page and feel more and more aware of your brand than with each interaction. 

4) Gain a deeper connection with your clients

   The more your clients know about you the better. One of the most powerful aspects of a small business is the story behind it. Especially the story of why you create what you do. It is personal, relatable, and it encourages people to want to support your work because it has a purpose that resonates with them. Big businesses don't have this connection, so I think we should embrace the beauty that small business provides us with as much as possible. Therefore sharing your story with them on your website when it doesn't take time to read is a way to create this