>With a lot of self-reflection, hard work, and experience, I created this little business with my own heart and soul at the core.

>I was never much for the idea of doing something just to make money and count down the minutes until the weekend. Thankfully I have held strong to my belief that there is much more to this experience of life - if we only follow what we feel is right, and true, and good and are open minded about the rest!

>So here I am, fighting for what I feel is good by encouraging people who love each other so deeply that they can't help but hold hands everywhere they go. Here I am adventuring with couples who appreciate and yearn to be connected with nature as much as they possibly can. Here I am celebrating couples who have hearts that dare to fight against the norm and follow their dreams together.

>I'm lucky enough to get to experience a relationship like this myself, with a wonderful man who was once my neighbor and is now my partner, roommate, and best friend. Thanks to him I have discovered how much relationships like ours are something worth fighting for, and something worth capturing.