Every time I get an inquiry my heart swells and I freak out a little inside. Please contact me here, and I will send you a sappy excited email sending you my couple questionnaire and my pricing handbook.

How do I find out more about the client experience and pricing?

Do you have set packages or can we pick and choose what we want?

I have set packages that help make choosing nice and simple.
If you need to customize them you can always ask and I’ll see what I can do!

I sure do! I even have a specific package for adventure elopements. Reach out through my contact form and we can talk more about details!

Do you travel?

Yep! You can either purchase RAW footage with your wedding package or at one other point later on in the year when I re-open RAW footage sales.

Do you offer RAW Footage?

I split up payments into 3 parts for your convenience.

Upon booking I ask for a retainer fee that will secure your date.
Then, the remaining fees are split into 2 payments - 4 months prior to the wedding date and 1 month prior to your wedding date.

How does payment work?

You can expect to receive your film 3-4 months from your wedding date.

This is due to the amount time I take to make the perfect music selection, the detailed editing crafted specifically for the vibe of your wedding, and all the creative aspects that make it dreamy and fun.

I want your film to be my absolute best work for you, and therefore I don't want to rush the final product.

How long will it take to get our final film?

What is your filming style?

I like to be in the background as much as possible during your wedding day.
I don’t want to be in the way, or encouraging you to do things that you don’t want to do. My main priority is filming the day as it is, with very little influence on my end.

I like to bring you back in to the moment in times where I see it is needed.

I like to squat or straight up sit on the floor when necessary so that I’m not in guests way. I get strong leg muscles during wedding season, ya’ll!

I like to do whatever it takes to ensure you are enjoying the day and making memories in your brain, not just in my camera.

I like to get at least one up close shot of you together, but otherwise let the photographer do their thing.

I like to catch hugging and tears and on the fly kisses and giggles.

I am very particular about what music I choose for you film. I believe music is wildly important in setting the tone for the emotions you will experience while watching your film, and therefore I don’t take that part of the process lightly. Some films will take me days to find the perfect music.

Videographers have to legally purchase and receive a license for each song we use in wedding videos. Because of this, it is rare that a mainstream artist/musician allows music licensing rights (unless you have a $15,000 music budget).

But don’t worry - I encourage each couple to embrace using an unknown and non-mainstream song, due to the fact that it can easily date your video as well as bring in other emotions and memories that can inhibit your viewing experience.
My favorite site to use to find music for my films is Musicbed.com.

In order to make sure that I’m using music you will like, I ask each of my couples what their favorite bands/genre’s are before the wedding and take that in to consideration when choosing the final song(s) for the film.

How does music selection work?
Can we use a mainstream song in our video?