Every time I get an inquiry my heart swells and I freak out a little inside with joy. Feel free to contact me here, and I will send you a sappy excited email with more information.

How do I find out more about packages and pricing?

uh... hell yes. I think that sums it up!

Are you willing to travel?

My Wedding packages are 6 & 7 hours. This "sweet spot" allows you to have all the most important moments captured that are needed to create your final film without overdoing it. 

It is also a "sweet spot" for me, because let's be real, I'm an introvert & a Peacemaker who likes to make sure everyone around her is happy all the time. If I stay at weddings for double digit hours I will eventually burn out and ya girl wants to continuously love her job.

The 6/7 hour time period provides me with the environment I need in order to be fully present, energized, and creative throughout your wedding. This ensures that my work will be the very best and most beautiful quality for you!

How long will you stay during the wedding day?

When it comes down to it, most everyone feels a bit awkward being filmed.

This is why I strip away all the fancy, big, and bulky video production gear and keep it simple with the necessities. The moments are unplanned and unscripted, true to the core, and that is what we value the most.

I am a strong believer in representing the true experience of your day with as little interference as possible.  These things take too much time to set up and plan out and they take away my attention from the natural intimate moments. I do my best to capture everything as honestly as possible with the natural light, weather, and interaction that is provided. We believe the gear we use is only a small part of the end product. We use professional cameras but put more importance on our storytelling and creative insight rather than the technology.

Do you set up any additional and distracting lights or have big bulky video gear?

I split up payments into 3 parts for your convenience.

Upon booking I ask for a $500 retainer fee that will secure your wedding date.
Then, the remaining fees are split into 2 payments - 4 months prior to the wedding date and 1 month prior to your wedding date.

How does payment work?

You can expect to receive your film 2-4 months from your wedding date.

This is due to the amount time I take to make the perfect music selection, the detailed editing crafted specifically for the vibe of your wedding, and all the creative aspects that make it dreamy and fun.

I want your film to be my absolute best work for you, and therefore I don't want to rush the final product.

How long will it take to get our final film?