Evergreen Era Films - Colorado Trip


1. All Trails

Planning an outdoor day and don't know where to go yet? Use All Trails to look for hiking, running, and biking trails in your area! This way you can narrow down your search and 


2. Strava

This app helps you keep track of your adventures with GPS, distance, times, and ratings on how quickly you did things compared to others. It helps you to see your growth if you are trying to reach a goal and add a little friendly competition. But, you can just use it as a way to keep a record of your activity for safe keeping.


3. Ramblr

This app is used as a way to journal any outdoor activity along the way. You can also plan a future trip or track a past trip if you forgot to journal it previously. It tracks your route and you can upload photos, videos, notes, etc. with geotagged locations.


4. Leafsnap

I think adventuring outside is even more purposeful and connected when you know what you are seeing. This app helps you to identify the plants around you just by taking a picture of it. It doesn't have every area in the system yet but it will continue to grow with time.


5. Starwalk

Up for a little night hiking? This app enables you to be able to see the constellations by putting your phone up to the starry night sky. It will even show you the stars in the daytime! Astronomy and your universe is mind blowing and powerful, so the more we can learn about and connect with it, the better!