Sydney + Simon Everett

Wedding Date : October 22, 2016
Location: Grandparents Horse Ranch in Lenoir, NC

Q:When did you know you wanted to marry Simon?

A: "Oh my goodness, that’s so hard to answer! I don’t really know, probably after dating him for two years. I realized two years had flown by and I was still so madly in love with everything about him. Our relationship still felt new, he was still making me laugh. I know two years isn’t very long to some, but I just knew he would keep me laughing forever."


Q:What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

A: "Our wedding day went extremely well. Everything was so smooth, I was just waiting for something to go wrong, and it never did! I would say one of my favorite parts would be at the end of the reception; fireworks went off in the distance. My mom had arranged for my cousins to set off fireworks. It was just the perfect end to the night, especially since Simon proposed under the 4th of July fireworks the year prior to our wedding."


Q:Did you do anything different and non-traditional for your wedding? If so, what was it and why?

A: "I made sure the officiant didn’t say “Mr. and Mrs. Simon Everett” or anything that seemed like Simon was in charge of me from now on. That kind of stuff drives me crazy! Our officiant also said “Sydney, you may now kiss your husband!” which I appreciated very much."


Q:Is there anything you would change about your wedding day if you could?

A: "It was sooooo cold during our reception! That is really the only thing I would have changed."


Q:Has married life been any different than your life before?

A: "I feel so much more settled and comfortable with Simon now. Nothing much has changed but we are having a hell of a time being married!"

Be on the look out for Sydney and Simon's wedding film, full of bonfires, fireworks, and laughter.

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