Having Evergreen Era Films as our wedding videographer was one of the best and easiest decisions we made for the wedding. Not only professional, Kathryn and Ian were so kind, thoughtful, and fun to be around — I seriously regarded them more as friends than just our videographers. They made us feel comfortable as shy and introverted people, too! The most amazing part of it all was getting our film back after the wedding. There was no need to review/edit/adjust anything because the film was perfect. It captured the right balance of intimacy, silliness, and love...plus, the music choice was spot on! As a fellow creative, I was anxious to see the finished product but shouldn’t have been. I fall more in love with how special that day was for Nick and I every time I watch the film (which is nearly once every day at the moment!). I know for any future video needs (vow renewals?!), I’ll be reaching back out!
— Farrah + Nick

Farrah and Nick challenged me to stray from my natural creative habit of focusing on intimate emotional moments in the films I create & to instead bring some silliness to their film. Her first email to me stated that "they don't like to take life too seriously" and that fact was evident throughout the entire day of celebration. Everything was lighthearted, happy, and and most of the time people were roaring with laughter!
Hip bumps, silly dancing, and jokes filled the memories.

My favorite non-traditional thing they did: Read each others vows privately.
We found a separate intimate space for them both to trade vow books and read one another's writings. They even asked to not include these in their cinematic film because they hold them so dear to their hearts as personal. (So they got a totally separate recording of them to keep!)