Joint creation with Fox & Owl Studio
I hope you feel something from these images and this film. I hope it makes you want to run barefoot through the grass and feel the wind on your face. I hope it makes you want to take the time to breathe fresh air and appreciate our earth for all it does for us.
Screw just looking beautiful, we want purpose behind it all. We want connection.

If you haven't heard about it yet, you should know about our joint package!
The Blue Ridge Collection

Here are the top 3 reasons it is such a great choice when planning your wedding or elopement:

1 - You get a super ridiculously discounted engagement session with both of us where you receive a fun/intimate film and photographs - WOAH

2 - You get to rest easy knowing you have a badass team who works together well capturing your wedding day

3 - Our creative styles and the stories we like to tell are similar yet unique, so your images and your films will compliment each, other rather than look nothing alike nor look exactly the same.


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All images are by Fox & Owl Studios


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