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Whether you're planning your wedding, enjoying life solo, or have been married for 30 years, embracing every era requires personal care, attention, and open-heartedness.

I founded Evergreen Era films with a focus on what our name would represent and hopefully invoke in not only our couples but in all people who come across it.



adjective  ev·er·green \ˈe-vər-ˌgrēn\ 

        1:  having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season 2:  retaining freshness or interest


noun   \ˈer-ə, ˈe-rə, ˈir-ə\
        1: a memorable or important date or event; especially :  one that begins a new period in the history of a person or thing


Symbolically, Evergreen trees signify remaining true to oneself throughout all seasons in life. They remind us of the importance of retaining our lively and unique spirits in all things that we experience, joyful or difficult.

Upon starting a new Era in life, I believe that the reminder that the Evergreens provide us with is one of encouragement and strength, bringing together both the old and the new for something even more beautiful to come.


We are bombarded with would's, should's, and could's consistently. Our lives change and mold and sometimes things happen so quickly it seems as if we aren't in control. The moments wash over us and leave nothing more than a droplet of water on our skins instead of sinking in and leaving a deep, calming ocean in our hearts. 

Just like anything else, being present and embracing every single era in your life - whether it's a wonderful experience or sorrowful grief - requires practice and intention.

Embracing Every Era - with Evergreen Era Films is a space for this process to be nourished and encouraged. I would love to see you in there sharing your story as well as helpful articles, videos, blog posts, etc.

The only thing I ask is that you are always encouraging, honest, and inclusive of all.