The first of hopefully many more to come...

“When we welcomed our sweet daughter into our life we were amazed at how quickly the weeks started to fly by. There were so many moments we wanted to capture as she daily changed before our very eyes! However, sleep deprivation and the exhaustion of becoming new parents made it extremely difficult to find time to document our new life together. We took videos and pictures here and there on our phones but knew it would be forever before we ever had the chance of doing something with them. Then entered Kathryn.

Kathryn came to our home and filmed the small yet sacred moments that make up our daily life with our newborn daughter. I was so grateful to know that these memories were being recorded so that we could show our daughter when she is older just how much love she filled our little home with when she was born. I was delighted at how peaceful and relaxed we felt while Kathryn was with us. Instead of feeling awkward the process helped me to slow down and fully absorb the time I was sharing with my daughter. It was like seeing her with new eyes that allowed me to appreciate all that she meant to me and all of the beauty she has added to our life. The actual process of filming filled me with gratitude for these small but priceless moments I get to share with my daughter.

I hope that we can have Kathryn come back many more times to record the important milestones of our daughter’s childhood and to help remind us to slow down and appreciate the miracles that make up our life together as a family.”

- Maggie Shackelford

I'm not married, nor do I have children, and I'm not sure if I ever will, but watching my friends around me experience the transition from being who they've always known themselves to be into being parents has been extraordinary.
As a personal filmmaker, I'm drawn to memories and moments that make life meaningful. My eyes are entrancingly fixed on the heart of humanity and all it's wonder. I continue creating to continue learning.

Therefore, filming the daily routines of Zach, Maggie, and their newborn daughter Rilla was another chance for me to learn about life. In that time with them I gained so much more insight on love, parenthood, birth, and partnership. They both amaze me in their strength & compassion. The added bonus to all that I feel I am given through this type of work is that I get to help them remember these fleeting moments a little easier as years go by, providing an everlasting source of gratefulness and joy throughout a lifetime right there whenever they need it.


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