Our Philosophy


Bring purpose to the process

Through each step of the wedding process with us, our goal is to always bring you back into your "why".
Why are you getting married? Why do you love your partner? Why are you choosing to celebrate in a certain way?

We believe in throwing traditions to the wayside that don't make sense and creating new ones that fit who you are as a couple. 

We help to keep you present in each moment as much as possible, knowing that time goes by so quickly during this time in your lives. 



Represent all types of love

Love never looks the same, but the wedding industry as a whole hasn't done a good job of representing it that way. We typically see white, thin models adorning the covers of most magazines and wedding blogs leaving out a large portion of our population from feeling included in the wedding world. 

This is why we focus on being welcoming and supportive to all types of love including same sex couples, all ethnicities, and mixed race couples. 

We hope to create a safe space where all people can come knowing their love is celebrated.


Create emotional art

With each handcrafted film, we strive to create a piece of artwork pieced together from you memories that will leave you crying, laughing, and hand-squeezing with your partner every time you watch it.

We capture your raw emotions, build them up with the perfect music and words, and create a storyline that will lead you through a new, all-encompassing experience of your wedding day that leaves you breathless.

We believe that your wedding film should inspire you to love even deeper. 

Our Name

Evergreen Era Films


adjective  ev·er·green \ˈe-vər-ˌgrēn\ 

        1:  having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season 2:  retaining freshness or interest


noun   \ˈer-ə, ˈe-rə, ˈir-ə\
        1: a memorable or important date or event; especially :  one that begins a new period in the history of a person or thing


Symbolically, Evergreen trees signify remaining true to oneself throughout all seasons in life. They remind us of the importance of retaining our lively and unique spirits in all things that we experience, joyful or difficult.

Upon starting a new Era in life, I believe that the reminder that the Evergreens provide us with is one of encouragement and strength, bringing together both the old and the new for something even more beautiful to come.