Because you deserve more than that.

I’ve helped couples find their perfect locations, plan hikes and adventures, get dressed, find other perfect vendors, organize timelines, & get permits.
I’ve always got anything we could need in my backpack from headlamps to hand warmers.

I’ve got you covered.

You deserve support through every step of the process.
You deserve insight and encouragement and excitement for the way you’ve chosen to celebrate your love.
You deserve someone who cares as much about you and your experience as they do about the film.
You deserve someone who is able to make a space of comfort and connection for you.


I’m Kathryn,
but my fella calls me

I was born and raised right here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C.
I grew up cruising the Parkway on the weekends &
I catching fireflies in the backyard on summer nights with my family.
I’m a straight up mountain girl, ya’ll.
These lush, wooded hills are my heart.

I live with my partner Ian in our little brown house amidst the trees.
We spend a majority of our time together in nature
mountain biking, hiking, and swimming in chilly rivers.

My friends would say I'm a bit of an emotions junky,
always searching for those deeper moments in life that,
in my opinion, make it so much sweeter.
Happy crying is my jam.
I will seriously get so excited if you happy cry around me.

This is how I knew creating elopement films was a perfect fit for me.
That deep, honest, open-hearted as hell kind of stuff
is what life is all about.


My Personal Adventures

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