3 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

1. Watching a film of your wedding is 100% different than going through your wedding photos.

Think back to the most recent movie you watched - whether in theatre's or on Netflix. Now, imagine only seeing images from the movie - still shots from different scenes. Compare that to watching the full movie, with the music, voices, and motion. They would both be two totally different experiences, right? When you look at still photos you focus in on a moment specifically, which is a beautiful gift. When you watch a film you get wrapped up in a story with all of it's colors, sounds, and progression. It tells you about the characters, the settings, the "why" of it all. 

(Unfortuntely we don't live in a Harry Potter world yet, so you can mount your film on the wall like a photo and watch it, but one day we might get there!)

2. You get to see the event through different/creative eyes

Throughout the day there will most likely be a lot of different things as well as emotions occuring. Your mind will have it's own interpretation of each moment, as will your partner, and you will make your own special memories of the day you were married. And those memories will be beautiful. But in reality, there are things you will miss just because you can't be everywhere with everyone, experiencing and looking at everything the whole time. There are things that you can't see from your perspective or moments you may forget. This is one of the joys of what I get to do for couples - to memorialize these moments for you, so that a few months later you can sit down and view your wedding from a different yet still intimate perspective. You film allows you to see some things you missed, as well as re-live the ones you remember and are the most special to you.
Something as simple as the way the wind moved the trees above you as you said your vows to one another, or the joyful & grateful face of your partner whose head is nestled next to yours as you swayed to your first dance together (Something you wouldn't have been able to see on your own). 

3. Speaking of Forgetting - You can be reminded of the loving things people say to you.

If you are like me, we easily forget the kind things people say to us. In the moment, our hearts are just beating so fast and we're thinking about how sweet this is and how we never want to forget it while also trying to listen to what they are saying and make sense of it - to feel it deep in our heart. And yet we forget exactly what they said not long after they said it. We just remember how wonderful and encouraging it was. (This is why I have become a note taker).

So when it comes to your wedding, it is no different. You will forget what people said. But what if you could remember their exact words? What if you could remind yourself of the love that surrounds you whenever you need it most - When you're sister gives a speech at dinner, or your father toasts to your marriage; when you write your own vows and say them to your loved one holding back tears; These things are worth remembering. Your videographer gets to help you remember them.