4 Important Tips for Planning a Wedding in the Redwoods


There is nowhere else like the Redwoods.
Ever since I first stepped foot amidst the giant trees and massive ferns I fell in love with how small they made me feel. They are such a reminder of the age of the earth and the power of nature.
Because of this, I would say there is no better place to celebrate one of the other most powerful forces we experience in life - love.

Having a Redwood Wedding is such a great choice, for multiple reasons, but being prepared with some information and insight can help make the day run even smoother. That is why I am sharing 4 important tips for getting married in the Redwoods below.

All of the images are screen shots from a recent elopement.
Their film is currently in the works!

Couple walking through the redwoods after their wedding under the trees. They are holding hands and facing away from the camera.

1. Plan ahead for accommodations - I recommend camping

The redwoods are spread out amidst State Parks and the National Park. Even so, there is only 1 decent sized town anywhere near all of the Redwoods (Crescent City) and it is at the northern end near Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park. The rest of the towns are SUPER tiny, and none of them are places with much else to do other than enjoy the natural beauty around them. This is why I suggest planning for and spending as much of your time in nature as possible. Camping is the perfect way to have accommodations right in the middle of the beauty.
The Jedidiah Smith Campground and Prairie Creek Campground are both really beautiful and have direct access to trails. Plus getting ready at your camper or in your tent would make for some super adorable video and photos. I had a couple rent a camper van and do a road trip for their wedding and they had a blast. You can rent RV’s and campers on Outdoorsy, which is like airbnb but for camping!
If you’re not big on camping, or just want to be somewhere nicer for your wedding, plan ahead of time and book a nice airbnb before the good ones book up.

P.S. - you likely won’t find many places you want to eat out in these towns, especially if you’re a vegetarian and picky like me, so plan to make a lot of your own food. The best place we found to eat was at SeaQuake Brewing in Crescent City - awesome drinks and delicious food for everyone. They had the best vegan menu we have seen at a brewery yet (and I live in Asheville - Beer City USA).


2. Experience more than just the Redwoods

There are so many beautiful spots to enjoy during your elopement other than the Redwoods in order to make your wedding day experience filled to the brim with beauty.
Not only are there gorgeous beach spots everywhere nearby where you can watch the sunset, but there are also amazing turquoise rivers to swim in. You also have to stop by Fern Canyon, which is one of my personal favorite spots. Make sure to enjoy all that the area has to offer.
I love location scouting and therefore I love to help couples find all of the best spots to explore during their elopement days, as well as capturing it in the process.


3. Plan for a non-summer weekday & have your ceremony early or late in the day

Picking a date that isn’t in the summer when most people are traveling will help with crown control. Also, no matter what, having your ceremony on a weekday will cut down on tourists a lot. In addition to those two factors, planning on having your ceremony earlier in the morning or later in the evening will also make it more likely that you will have the space you choose more to yourselves. Your Videographer/Photographer should be able to help you with these details and making a timeline for you so that you can avoid the heavy traffic times. In doing so, you will be able to enjoy the beauty and the silence amidst the redwoods, the only sounds being of small pine needles falling from the treetops and birds chirping away.

A couple is having their wedding ceremony in the redwoods and is surrounded by a few family and friends who are watching.

3. Get a permit ahead of time

In order to get married in the Redwoods, you will need to apply for and receive a permit from the National Park Service. They have a few pre-approved locations that can expedite the applications process, but you can also ask for a personalized location that they might approve. If you need accessibility for grandparents who need to sit down, The Prairie Creek Amphitheater is a lovely spot that blends in with the woods for a ceremony. You can then explore and hike around without all the family afterwards.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out and ask!

I love traveling to the Redwoods for elopements and intimate weddings, helping couples plan their adventurous and personalized day, and location scouting the best spots.

Couple gets married amidst the redwood trees. They are standing at the roots of redwood trees and one person is in a dress and hat and the other is in a suit. They are cuddling.