Amy + Lindsay // Asheville Intimate Wedding Film

We sat and watched this 3 times in a row back to back, tears streaming down our faces reliving each moment and loving everything you captured!!! I’m so glad you were a part of our day. I absolutely LOVE the film and will recommend you to anyone I know getting married.

Wow wow wow wow.

We are in LOVE WITH IT.
— Amy + Lindsay

Holy Schmoly ya'll...
I feel like I have so few words after sending a couple their film and getting back responses like the one above.
It's hard to explain the PURPOSE and pure JOY I feel from being able to capture a couples relationship and then present it back to them like a mirror that says "Look how badass you two are! Look at how your relationship brings inspiration and beauty to the world! Can you believe how incredibly lucky we are to experience love like this in our lives?"
It's such a gift to be welcomed into people's lives like this.

Amy and Lindsay, I had such a freaking blast celebrating your wedding with you.
So much love on this new journey together as a married couple <3