Kat + Rich // Black Balsam Elopement Film

We are weeping over here!!!!!!! This was so beautiful!!!!! I am just as emotional as I was that day. You did it, you showed us as exactly who we are, all of our love and our laughs and our tears and our more laughs!! I cannot believe you created this for us, we will CHERISH this forever and I will be watching this every day! You are such a star!!!! Thank you for doing this for us, thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us.

Omgosh forgot to mention - all of the really cool shots with our outline but then looking at the moutains/trees in the background were awesome!!! I never dreamed we’d have those type of shots in our wedding video! You really smashed this out of the park Kathryn <3<3<3<3<3
— Kat + Rich

Kat & Rich,

Thanks for letting me embrace my creativity in the telling of your story. Thank you for talking about not only the joys of a marriage in your vows, but also the reality of the struggles and hardships you will face. Thank you for being silly & honest with yourselves and with us. Rich - thank you for trusting me to put on your boutonniere and saying it looked good with the slight tilt. Kat - thank you for being willing to take off your jacket in the most freezing wind and jump around in it for a while.

Thank you for choosing me to create this for you. So much love to you both <3