The Best Small Town Elopement Activity Ideas

We all want to go on adventures. Our hearts are made to explore, to live, to have fun! But sometimes our wallet doesn't allow for the fancy things and we don't always have enough time for big trips. Therefore, I thought I could share with you a few fun ways to adventure with your partner for either free or very cheap on your elopement day!

Photo by  Amelia Fletcher

1- Camp at a campground close to home

You don't have to be somewhere far away to go camping! I know I typically feel this way myself, but sometimes it just feels good to be in the woods and simplifying life for a bit, even when you don't have the time for a big trip. Making a fire and cooking some vegetables over top of it, roasting marshmallows for s'mores and telling stories. It's a great way to reconnect with each other once getting away from the busy-ness of life. And you get to cuddle in a tent. 

Tip: You also don't need a tent! If you're ok with roughing it a bit, just grab 2 huge tarps and you're set! Lay one on the ground and tie the other one up above it at an angle so the rain can slide off if the weather is bad! 

2. Try Frisbee Golfing

If you haven't tried this sport before, there is no reason to be afraid about starting out! I'm almost 100% sure everyone is terrible at first. I mean, who is that good at throwing a frisbee?
But in reality, Frisbee golfing is a great way to get outside with your partner, be active, and have fun laughing at your terrible throws. You also get the chance to cheer each other on when you actually do well!
Whether you live in the mountains or not, there seem to be frisbee golfing courses popping up all over, so I bet you can find one close by to your home town.

Tip: Some parks have sport frisbees available for you to rent, but if yours doesn't or if you feel like you will go enough, invest in 2 frisbees at least. They aren't super expensive and it doesn't really matter what type of frisbee they are, if you are just having fun! But If I were you I would buy 2 mid-range just as a good average option.

3. Go Skinny Dipping!

If you haven't been skinny dipping before I know it's definitely on your bucket list, so here is my support and encouragement saying "go do it girl!" There is something incredibly freeing about finding a quiet and secluded river or lake area and jumping in nude. It feels natural, it feels connected, and it feels empowering! (Once you get over the worry of someone walking up on you.) A day spent at the river is always a good day, but when you get to find absolute freedom in the midst of it, that's an even better day. 

Tip: If you are worried about people coming by, make sure to find somewhere very secluded and keep your clothes nearby! Also, take some snacks because river days are the most fun if you are there for at least a few hours to really take it all in.

4. Drive Around Backroads

I grew up in a small town and driving around on the back roads is something my family has always done. I'm aware that it's not so great for the environment because of gas usage, so do this sparingly, but if you haven't ever driven around your hometown and learned the landscape, I believe it's highly worth doing. You get to learn about your community, you have time to think and let your brain wander freely, you can feel the wind on your face with the windows down, and you see new places that may provide you with inspiration.

Tip: Take a little notebook with you - This way if you have a good thought pop into your head or see something you want to sketch you have a place to do it. You might also listen to some great new songs that you want to remember! And yes I say take paper, because I'm a pen to paper girl who likes the physical act of writing rather than typing on my phone. I think we need to value that again.

5. Explore with Geocaching

Don't know what Geocaching is? You are in for a treat!! Here is the website

Geocaching is almost like a treasure hunt, but without the treasure... And yet, it's still super fun if you like riddles, puzzles, and adventuring! Little did you know, people have hidden little capsules all around typical urban places that we are every day, as well as outdoor locations like hiking trails and parks. You have probably passed one by and had no idea! All you have to do is sign up for the app and use your phone as a GPS to get to each location. Follow the clue given to find the container. Sometimes there are little trinkets inside to trade out with something of your own, and sometimes there is just a sheet to sign your name.

Tip: You can either use the application for free or purchase a plan that gives you access to more locations and clues. I have only used it for free so far but have had enough spots around the area to enjoy!