Sam + Alec // NYE Courthouse Elopement Film



We are blown away. I mean, absolutely speechless. We had high expectations but you have completely knocked those out of the park. This video made me sob uncontrollably in the best way possible. We can’t even believe how amazing you did capturing the big moments and the smallest, minute details all into one. I wish I could hug you right now because I literally have no more words to type, IT WAS THAT GOOD. UGH!!!!!! I promise to be less intense in my rave reviews on all your pages but will definitely get my point across that EVERYONE should seek you out and bring you along for any special day they want to film.

We are over the moon with your execution, music selection, and editing skills in every aspect (ending the film with “colorful” I meannnnnnn, I can’t). You were such a joy and so easy to work with. After having a super overwhelming and devastating start to our initial wedding planning before our elopement, you really sealed the fact that we made the absolute right choice choosing to elope and finding you. The imprint you are leaving on our world will forever be there. <3

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
— Sam & Alec